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yow wassap

dah jd mcm diari lak aku nuleh sblom tido tiap2 mlm huahua, sukati aku la kn.
highlight hr ni.. bkn repair kete dpt murah (x murah sgt la tp), bkn dpt mkn2 pree (2 kli lak tu).. tp 'bilekah tarikh pose yg sbnornye?' huahua.
cite ni pnjg la kalo nk cite so aku xnk cite sbb aku nk tido besok nk bgun sahor.

lyn lgu ni lu..enjoy

gd nite uolls

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mlm ni aku dah ok skit, tp still gatai tgn nk menuleh, ntah cam best lak rse. 
x buat ape sgt hr ni, gi workshop hntr kete besok ambik blk.
tp mlm smlm pling x bleh bla la, aku duk sronok nyembang ngn mamat mne ntah aku jumpe kt 'stranger chat' app
  pastu melarat kat 'kik' 
baek punye sembang smpai nk pagi, best gak ckp2 ngn stranger ni, ape2 pun bleh ckp tmasuk la psal smlm huahuahua. 
smlm gak aku jmpe ni
jyeahh! i will never going to give u up
layan metallica lu

gd nite 

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I got a crush again and feel like a loser, terbaek!!

guess what have I googled? 
not helping at all!
aku tau besok ke luse ke tulat ke aku rse bodoh ble tgk blk post aku ni, nk wat cmna nk tuleh gak, bajet bleh tenangkn hati. lg elok kalo aku ngadu pd Tuhan yg Maha Esa kn, tau pun tp still nk tuleh gak sbb gatai tgn. mai kite layan perasaan ngn alter bridge, album blackbird sepam

lagu ni byk ngimbau blk memori2 aku time kt inti dlu. end of story tonight babai

p/s: gd night my love..NOT!

your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman

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Not only super villains are caught up by the police. Alain Robert a.k.a Spiderman once more get the attention when he attempt to climb the 57-storey Lumiere building on Bathurst Street, Sydney. He took only 20minutes to reached the top, he is sure a professional. Guess what, people were cheering when he reached the top of the skyscrapers, well, i will be cheering too, haha, moral support is important.

nice performance
by the cheering team

But the sad story of it, our super hero was taken into police custody (not to have some champagne) a short time later, as usual. Personally, he sure has a great achievement. He has previously climbed the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the Eiffel Tower and the New York Times building.

police patrol ready
to take Spiderman away

Robert climbed all the buildings not because it is his hobby or just for fun, there is a reason for his act and that is to draw attention to the problem of global warming, such a cool guy. But what's the relation between Spiderman-ing and global warming? maybe he can speak louder up there, hoho.

picture taken when Robert nearly
reached the top of Lumiere building

My last word to Robert, you are the best at what you do, thumbs up. Next time try not to be caught up, ahaks and consider to use your spider web, i think you can reach the top faster with that, ahaks.

Stomp the yard (chickens version)

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bunch of guys stomping the chickens

Stomp the yard! well, that's a different kind of story. how about stomp the chickens? ever heard of that? this is what happening in Queensland. can u believe it? i don't know what they are up to, but for sure the chickens are dead. A walker found the bodies of the pity seven baby chickens with one baby turkey while on his morning walk at Jensen, north of Townsville.

chicks ..whoops, wrong picture

who would do these kind of things? well, who knows, an investigation is under way. but i think they will never caught the person unless the pet-food store have a security camera. ya, the chicks are stolen from a pet-food store. "We came in to feed the baby chickens and they were all gone," Ms Clifford, employee of Len's Feed Shed told AAP

maybe this was Ms Clifford's expression
when she found out that her chicks are gone
p/s: this is not Ms Clifford

Aussie news - A Melbourne man stabbed his wife after fight over Facebook

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from AAP May 21, 2010

A MELBOURNE man has pleaded guilty to murdering his wife in front of their young son after an argument about Facebook.

Ron Felicite fatally stabbed his wife Marie multiple times in the neck in the kitchen of the couple's Narre Warren home in August last year.

Their four-year-old son was in the house and is believed to have witnessed the killing, the Victorian Supreme Court heard today.

The previous day, Felicite had argued with his wife about her relationship with a man named Dino, whom she had met on the internet.

The court heard Ms Felicite called police to their home during the argument, but it was determined the situation did not require police action.

Later that day, the couple attended counselling where Ms Felicite said she had feelings for the man she met on the internet and no longer loved Felicite as a husband.

Prior to the stabbing, Felicite confronted his wife about her communication on Facebook with her cousin about Dino.

Today, Felicite, 28, pleaded guilty to murdering his wife.

His pre-sentence hearing continues on Monday.

Argumentative Essay : Effects of television viewing #Final Draft

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Watching television is one of the famous and common daily routines of all time. Many of us spend our time mostly with television. Statistics have shown that the time spent on selected free time activities of full-time workers in year 2000 to 20001 are mostly on television viewing (UK Time Use Survey 2000). There are few effects of television viewing and the effects can be either advantages of disadvantages to the viewer. Considering the effects of the television viewing, I strongly believe that it brings more negative effects than positive effects as it affects the development of thinking process, a time-wasting activity and leads to unhealthy lifestyle.

First and foremost, the side effect of television viewing is that it affects the development of thinking process especially to children (Sharif 1999). This is because, the viewing of unsuitable programs for long periods can influence their idea of life and behavior as pictured by the television programs. This is a bad thing as they are at a stage where their attitudes, beliefs and ideas about the world are in progress (Sharif 1999). Furthermore, children may also become desensitized to violence depicted on television and imitating some poor behavior shown by characters in television show (Sharif 1999). As a result, these passive activities of television viewing could also restrict the development of imaginative skills which are important in developing problem-solving and organizational ability (Leigh 2001).

Besides that, another negative effect of television viewing is that it makes us difficult to concentrate on other activities such as homework or exercise (Leigh 2001). This time-wasting activity eats up the period that we have reserved for useful activities (Rutherford 2002). Based on an annual averages survey conducted in year 2003 of average hours per day spent in leisure and sports activities for the total population by selected characteristics, it is shown that most of the hours per day are wasted on television (American Time Use Survey 2003). In addition, it is also said that students who are heavy viewers are among the lowest achievers in academic (Leigh 2001).

Lastly, excessive viewing of television will also lead to unhealthy lifestyle. For instance, children are not physically active when they only spend prolonged period in front of the television (Sharif 1999). The situation become even worse when the sedentary activity indulged in with snacks which can cause obesity and related diseases (Rutherford 2002). Moreover, communication among family members will also be difficult when some families eat their meals while watching television (Rutherford 2002).

As a conclusion, watching television has many side effects and has to be avoided. These side effects affect the development of thinking process, a time-wasting activity and leads to unhealthy lifestyle. The blame is frequently directed to television and should be avoided so that we can have a healthier lifestyle without wasting our time. Therefore, I firmly believe that television viewing brings more negative effects than positive effects to us.